television and art 

How to translate the identity of a company into an appealing media art form? COEN!! redesigned the TV test picture to symbolize the National Broadcasting Company. The well-known test picture was translated into colourful art forms throughout the media building. Based on the same design, a series of 16 colourful giclees was produced, which when taken together form the complete test picture. In a 2.0 version.

‘Coen is not only a pleasant person to work with, he's also punctual and very reliable to do business with.’
Pepeijn Langedijk, producer of the art prints Testbleed

‘A fine example of melding aesthetics with communication.’
Vanshika Devuni, editor of Design Today 

'both masterful and beautiful'
Adrian How, editor how's house



+ series of 16 giclee prints
+ size 50 x 70 cm
+ number of series: 50
+ available via COEN! ask an offer
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