poetry of things

Imagine the feeling of your grandmother’s chair, the smell of your lover’s perfume or the sound of silence in a theatre. Everything tells its own story. Plenty of poems have been written about people.
But why not create poems about everyday objects?
Read these five line Pentapoems written by Coen van Ham about some material objects that remind you of immaterial values. In this calendar book you’ll find a pentapoem every day of the year. To remind you how special things really are. To experience that your tangible environment enriches your personal life.
‘…they color your life.’
Suzanne Groeneveld, editor Eindhovens Dagblad
‘Nice, tasteful, contemporary and minimal.’
Jaap Biemans, Coverjunkie and art director Volkskrant Magazine
+ book available with all 366 poems
+ poems, graphic design
+ presented at the Philips Museum
+ 39,95 euro ex shipping via COEN!: please e-mail to info[at]coen.info
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