Interior with a soul

How to visually connect the shared goals and principles of organisations that take care of differtent denominational types of education in an interior? COEN! created a new working environment and identity layer for Verus. This is an organization for Catholic and Protestant education in the Netherlands. For the design of the relation between faith and education, COEN! used The Book as a metaphor. 

‘ firm COEN! brings together colour, graphics and thematic patterns in a harmonious collage.’
Shiny Varghese, editor of Design Today

‘Interior with a soul.’
Henk-Jan Hoekjen, editor-in-chief Inside Information

'…is very unique in that it is not our typical type of office. Pretty cool project'
Stephen Searer, editor Office Snapshots

+ identity seminar, identity layer
+ 2200 m2 interior, furniture, colour scheme,
+ DNA-pattern, stained glass patterns
+ object Faithless and FOLDR
+ honorable mention 3M Sign Contest 2011

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