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Looking for a wall presentation with the focus entirely on covers, and not on the brochure holder? FOLDR is a wall mounted magazine holder. Designed by COEN! for the Van Esch Collection. The design is characterized by efficient use of material, timeless simplicity and a clear pattern. FOLDR has four spacious shelves to carry many of your beautiful magazines or brochures.

‘Achieving the best possible result using as few means as possible. This is the starting point of designer Coen van Ham. The brochure rack FOLDR reveals what he means by this.’
Stylepark about FOLDR

‘In twenty years’ time it will still be beautifull attractive product’
PlusMood about FOLDR

+ wall mounted magazine holder
+ available in white, black or silver
+ size 28 x 144 x 14 cm
+ part of the Van Esch Collection

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