office landscape that works

Is it possible to show the various professional fields of all VET-colleges? This office space of the Dutch Association of VET-Colleges was re-created by COEN! and ‘Bos en Alkemade’ to form a light, colourful and attractive working environment. You see also sixteen colourful graphic patterns for this organisation, representing the various professional fields, printed on wall coverings and furniture. 

‘… a loyal partner in the period that we worked under great time pressure, within a tight budget and with a critical client.’
Germaine Zielstra, senior housing advisor social property Van Aarle De Laat

‘while the design detailing made for an inspiring day at work.’
Shiny Varghese, editor of Design Today

+ identity seminar, identity layer
+ 2750 m2 interior, lighting plan, furniture
+ 16 patterns, art project with VET colleges
object that welcomes you here
+ Coen van Ham has been appointed MBO Marshal

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